Style. Science. Sustainability.

At Planet Beyond, we fashion devices that are out of this world.

We feel simplicity is overrated. Fusing equal parts style, science and sustainability, our products soar beyond minimalism and embrace bravura. Our intricately designed devices are soulfully balanced by cutting-edge tech and eco-friendly constructs. 

Go above, at Planet Beyond.

Fashion First
Style takes centre-stage on Planet Beyond. Our devices seamlessly intertwine jewellery inspirations with progressive tech. Our designs are grounded in all that surrounds – the leaves on the trees, the stars, sun and moon – intricate pieces inspired by the sheer splendor of the natural world.
Technology & Sustainability
We brought in the world’s smartest minds – Harvard and MIT grads, mathematicians, engineers and scientists – to breathe life into our tech devices. And we’re combating electronic waste by upcycling to new heights, with all our products made entirely from reused materials.


Big Sound, Small Size
Weighing just 85 grams and measuring 3cm by 2cm, our earphones are light and discrete, easily slipped into a pocket or bag.

Long Life, Short Wait
With 160 hours of standby, nearly five hours of solid use and quick-charging in under an hour, you’re rarely without your sounds.