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What’re you wearing?

Your clothes – high-street basics or luxe couture. Your shoes – simple sneakers or polished dress. And your tech – smartwatches on your wrist, pods in your ears.
In this new century, personal devices have become ever-present appendages - yet these products only take us so far. They help us, are essential to us – but they rarely ever sing to us. 

At Planet Beyond, we think they should – because simplicity is overrated.

We’re crafting devices that are out of this world. Our mission; to build beautiful tech products that see us soar beyond the confines of minimalism and embrace bravura. 

Our devices express a love for aesthetics. They’re bold and beautiful, going beyond sheer utility and embracing design. That creates an emotional response for the tech we carry, just like the clothes when we work and we dance.  

Because just look around, there’s complex wonder at every turn: the leaves on the trees, the geometry of the oceans, the stars, sun and moon. Planet Beyond devices are grounded in all that surrounds, our intricate jewellery inspired by the sheer splendour of the natural world.

Deep within, state-of-the-art tech that breathes life into our gorgeous devices. We consulted with the world’s smartest minds,  their years of research, laser-focused across our many components, be it aural resonance or high-endurance batteries.

Both inside and out, our products are made for modern times – and beyond, because we’re just as focused on creating an empowering future. 

We care deeply about sustainability. Electronic waste is an unfortunate by-product of our times, but we’re turning all that’s old into something new, with all our products are upcycled from age-old remnants.

That creates a beautiful narrative.

 Where stunning veneers are offset by pioneering internals, where technologies of the past are refreshed into devices for today. Where form and function, meets fashion and the future.

On Planet Beyond, there are no limits.